The ultimate purpose of Human Resources’ policies is to provide the tools and the guidance that allows managers to manage and employees to succeed.

Allow THA to assist you with the opportunity to undertake a careful assessment of the nature, sufficiency and viability of your HR policies. THA will utilize its training and experience to challenge your thinking and to assist you in focusing on the “big picture” of how these policies impact the work environment.

Policy & procedure

Do you know the answer when you are asked a question about your policies or know where to find it? Is it time to merge your policies into a cohesive, formalized document?

Allow THA to:

  • Review your current policies and procedures
  • Determine what new policies should be developed and included in a comprehensive easy to use manual
  • Prepare a Procedures Manual for you with recommendations for implementation

Employee records

One important issue employers face today is the use and maintenance of employee records. What should be kept in a personnel file? What items should be filed separately? Who should have access to those files?

If you are not absolutely certain of your responses to the above questions, THA can help!

  • Evaluate the current state of your employee records
  • Assist you with correcting issues found in our evaluation
  • Train for future employee records maintenance
  • Prepare a presentation for the appropriate members of management to discuss changes that ensure consistency with the law and prevent future potential problems
  • Make recommendations for an implementation procedure.