All Housing Applications Are Only Accepted Online.

The Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa is happy to accept your application for low-income housing.  Please note that it is free to apply for federal housing benefits from programs such as: 1) public housing; 2) project based rental assistance; and 3) housing choice vouchers.  THA does not request or require anyone to pay to complete or process an application for low-income housing.  Please contact us if you are asked by a THA representative to provide payment in order to submit an application for federal housing benefits immediately.

Interested in applying for Public Housing? Click here »
You may apply for a specific property.  Estimated wait times vary by property.

Interested in applying for Project Based Rental Assistance? Click here »
You may apply for a specific property.  Estimated wait times vary by property.

Interested in applying for a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher? Click here »
While THA does not assign a position number for your application, we can state that the estimated wait time for the Voucher program is 12 to 36 months from the time the application was received.

Interested in applying for Project-Based Vouchers? Click here »
You may apply for a specific property. Estimated wait times vary by property.

Make Changes to an existing Application. Click here »
All requests for updated information will be processed; therefore, it is not necessary to contact us to confirm the update has been received.

Check the status of an existing housing application. Click here »
Phone calls requesting status of an application will not be returned.  The following status may apply:

  • Active – you have an active application for this program and are waiting selection from the waiting list.
  • Hold – your application has been selected from the waiting list and you should receive an appointment letter or is in the eligibility determination process.
  • Inactive – your application has been certified ineligible for assistance due to either a balance owed to Tulsa Housing Authority and/or an Undesirable status for a previous residency with Tulsa Housing Authority or appointment letters were mailed and two separate appointments were missed. (Note:  It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify Tulsa Housing Authority with any changes to contact information.)
  • Mod Rehab Program – HUD provides rent subsidy payments to private property owners for rental units rehabilitated under the Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program. This program is usually called “Mod Rehab.” These subsides provide housing assistance for low-income persons at 30% of the median income. THA administers this program, but the buildings are managed, owned, and leased out by the property owners.  Site locations can be found on our website at – Housing Options – Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program.  All applicants who apply for the Voucher program are placed on the Moderate Rehabilitation Waiting List.