The Development and Construction team at Tulsa Housing Authority is creating a better Tulsa by transforming lives and  communities. The departments of Development Services and Construction Services (DSCS) are focused on: 

1) Recapitalizing THA’s 3,000 housing units to extend their useful life

2) Converting the portfolio to local ownership and stable operating subsidy under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program

3) Master planning, financing and building new construction housing units at River West and 36N

4) Partnering with developers in the private sector to expand the use of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and Project-Based Voucher (PBV) financing for affordable housing development in Tulsa.

THA’s three year housing development pipeline leverages and invests more than $400 million into Tulsa’s economy.



Since 2019, THA has facilitated the successful Uniform Relocation Act-compliant relocation of over 500 households, highlighted by the offsite relocation efforts that occurred at Riverview Park and Brightwaters Apartments, as well as the onsite relocation efforts at Sandy Park and Apache Manor.


Highlighted by the Envision Comanche Master Plan, THA has extensive experience in site selection and analysis, feasibility assessments and community-level planning efforts.


THA has procured and maintains a pool of qualified consultants to address all aspects of the predevelopment process, including architectural and engineering designs, market studies, appraisals, feasibility studies, physical needs assessments, surveying and title, zoning and entitlements. Our predevelopment team has successfully ushered over 10 projects since 2019 from origination through underwriting. 


THA maintains a team of underwriting staff that has underwritten and closed on a variety financing tools, including 4% and 9% Low-Income Tax Credit (LIHTC) funding, tax exempt bonds, FHA-insured loans (221(d)4 and 223(f)), seller financing, balance sheet loans and construction loans. Since 2019, THA has closed on over $150M in project financing


THA has completed both substantial renovations and new construction on over 300 units since 2020, with another 800 units under construction or set to initiate construction in the coming year. THA maintains a high capacity staff with the ability to administer jobs of all sizes, ranging from $1M or less repairs to $60M+ complex renovation and new construction projects.


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Unit Production

New Construction

THA is transforming lives and communities through large-scale, high-impact development of new construction units. Through two comprehensive projects – Choice Neighborhoods Implementation projects at River West and 36N – THA, through its subsidiary development entity THA Development Corporation, will build nearly 1,000 affordable (80%) and market-rate (20%) units over the next three to five years.

The new construction pipeline is divided into three stages: Pre-Development, Underwriting and Construction. Though always in flux, our current new construction pipeline is provided here for reference.

THA maintains strong partnership with several financing partners to ensure the development of our new construction pipeline. Those partners are listed below:

  • RBC Community Investments
  • Bank of the Ozarks
  • Bank of Oklahoma
  • Regent Bank
  • PGIM Reality Capital Corporation (MAP Lender)
  • Berkadia Financial
  • M&T Realty Capital Corporation (MAP Lender) 


  • 36N Phase II – 70 units – $21M


  • 36N Phase I (Phoenix @ 36N) – 100 units – $26M


  • River West Phase VI – 68 units – $23M

Recently Completed 

  • River West Phase I – 74 units – $18M
  • River West Phase II – 72 units – $19M
  • River West Phase III – 76 units – $20M
  • River West Phase IV – 65 units – $19M
  • River West Phase V – 68 units – $23M

Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), provides THA an opportunity to raise capital and stabilize the operating subsidy to fund the physical needs for a segment of the portfolio covering 2,500 units across 14 sites, and gain local ownership over the developments.

In 2020, THA closed on Phase I of the RAD conversions for 769 units across six sites including Parkview Plaza, LaFortune Tower, East Central Village, and Pioneer Plaza to stabilize and fix the per unit operating subsidy provided to each site, preserving the affordability of the housing units. By converting to RAD, the sites secured a 20-year per unit subsidy contract with HUD for continuing operations.

In 2021, THA closed on the acquisition and RAD conversion of Country Club Gardens, recapitalizing and preserving 353 units of affordable housing.

By 2024, THA plans to convert Mohawk Manor, Seminole Hills/Whitlow to RAD through a recapitalization to extend the developments longevity in providing affordable housing to tenants. 

Beyond 2024, THA plans to convert the remaining Public Housing portfolio, including Hewgley Terrace and South Haven Manor.

Going forward, THA will leverage the RAD program as part of strategy for acquisitions to expand the total number of affordable housing units in Tulsa.


THA is committed to preserving and extending the life of an asset portfolio comprised of over 3,000 units across 17 sites tapping into mixed-source financing to leverage RAD, LIHTC, Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae Forward Commitments, HUD Loan Programs 223(f), 221(d)(4) from a long list of partners including:

  • RBC Community Investments
  • Boston Financial
  • Citi Bank
  • M&T Realty Capital Corporation (MAP Lender)
  • PGIM Reality Capital Corporation (MAP Lender)

Two sites – Sandy Park (160 Units) and Apache Manor (158 Units) – raised over $47 million to complete substantial rehabs of the units and fix the per unit subside under the RAD – Project Based Voucher Housing Assistant Payments.

A third site, Country Club Gardens (353 Units) is in the process of raising over $60 million to invest in extending the useful life of these while preserving affordability over the next 40 years.

Like New Construction,  THA’s recapitalization pipeline is divided into three stages: Pre-Development, Underwriting and Construction. Though always in flux, below is a breakdown of the ReCap.


  • South Haven (90 units)
  • Hewgley Tower (150 units)


  • Mohawk Manor (106 units)
  • Seminole Whitlow (141 units)


  • Country Club Gardens (353 units)

Recently Completed:

  • Sandy Park (160 units)
  • Apache Manor (158 units)
  • Scattered Sites Disposition (217 units)

Project-Based Voucher Projects

As a developer of mixed-income communities THA seeks to partner with developers of both market rate and restricted-income housing.

Through the Project-Based Voucher (PBV) program THA provides:

  • A per unit subsidy via a 20-Year Housing Assistant Payment contract commitment
  • Rents up to 110% of Fair Market Rent to maximize housing affordability
  • PBVs for rehab or new construction developments
  • Developer selection of qualified tenants
  • Collaboration on integrating PBVs into your project pro forma

If you are a developer and are seeking to learn more about the PBV program please contact Jeff Hall, THA’s Chief Development Officer, at 918-581-5911 or jeff.hall@tulsahousing.org.


THA’s Relocation team provides comprehensive services to residents in compliance with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations and the federal Uniform Relocation Act.

The Relocation team is supervised by Lisa Henderson, who brings over a decade of experience in resident services and support.

The following projects are at some stage in the relocation process:


  • Mohawk Manor (106 units)
  • Seminole Townhomes (141 units)
  • Hewgley (150 units)
  • South Haven (90 units)


  • Comanche (114 units)
  • Country Club Gardens (353 units)


  • Brightwaters Apartments (170 units)
  • Sandy Park Apartments (57 units)
  • Apache Manor Apartments (49 units)
  • Riverview Park Apartments (190 units)
  • Scattered Sites (217 units)

Section 3

THA is committed to providing and expanding economic opportunities for the 20,000 residents we serve by providing jobs and small business development opportunities under the federal Section 3 program. By proactively integrating Section 3 initiatives into our contracting processes and into our pre-development work for  sites undergoing recapitalization or new construction, THA aims to maximize Section 3 opportunities for our residents and resident in the development area.

To see our past performance on Section 3 click here.

If you have questions about Section and how best to demonstrate your commitment to Section 3 in an upcoming RFB, RFQ or RFP response, please contact the Office of Contracts at 918-644-7661.

Our Team

Austin Chow – Development Project Coordinator

Jeff Hall – Chief Development Officer

Kent Keith – SVP Construction Services

Ron Koscheski – Construction Manager

Tom Neal – Purchasing Agent / CPO

Devon Peetoom – Development Project Coordinator

Kelley Quinn – Office Manager

Erik Solivan – Chief of Staff/Chief Legal Officer

Jacob Stoulil – Senior Project Manager

Partner with Us

Let’s work together to transform lives and communities. THA is always seeking partnerships to expand and preserve affordable housing units. With an aggressive development pipeline set to rehab  over 2,500 units in the next three years, build new construction for over 800 new units through co-development partnerships, strategic acquisitions and construction rehab over 300 units, and distribute over 1,000 Project-Based Vouchers, DSCS has numerous ways to partner. See the list below:

If you wish to join THA vendor list for Request for Proposals or Bids or Qualifications, please email THA’s Purchasing Agent Tomas Neal at 918-581-5747. The vendor application can be found here.

To see a current list RFPs, RFBs, RFQs please see or Contracting Page.

If you have issues or questions with a current contract please contact Kelley Quinn, Development Office Manager, at 918-581-5725.

If you are a lender or investor and wish to learn more or bid on an upcoming project, please contact Kelley Quinn to set a call with a Development team member.