Published RFPs

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RFP # 20-110 Contract and Procurement Management System 


IFB #20-105 Burn Unit Restoration @ Mohawk Manor


IFP #20-096 Video Surveillance Support and Maintenance Service 


IFB #20-095 Concrete Replacement at East Central Village


RFP #20-093 for Annual Audit Services for Any / All Properties Owned and / or Operated by the Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa and all Related Entities 

RFP #20-091 Master Contract for Monitoring, Service and Annual Testing of Security and/or Fire Alarm Systems at all Properties Owned and/or Operated by the Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa and All Related Entities 

RFQ #20-082 Project Management & Consulting Services

IFB #20-066 Car Damage @ Sandy Park #6347

 IFB #20-064 ADA Bathroom Modifications @ Murdock Villa 

RFP #20-061 Complete Title Services

IFB #20-058 Real Estate Tax Counsel for Inhofe Plaza

RFP  Tax Credit Syndication-Const. Loan-Permanent Debt

RFP 20-011 PBV Workforce Housing

RFP 18-035: Project Based Vouchers

Offer of Sale 24 CFR S970.11(d): Scattered Sites Portfolio

Bid Tabs will be posted as available.

Drafting services Bids

Salvation Army Alta and Topo Survey Bids

Bidtab – Inhofe Burn Unit #322


If you have any questions, please contact the coordinator listed on each job or click on the Submit a Question tab at the top of this page.