Mission Statement

Creating a better Tulsa by transforming lives and communities.

Vision Statement

Through the provision of safe, affordable, decent housing in tandem with supportive services we seek to empower Tulsa’s most vulnerable to achieve self-sufficiency.

Values Statement

We believe we owe a responsibility to residents, stakeholders and self to uphold the Mission and Vision of THA by exemplifying the following core values:

Accountability – We take ownership of our individual roles and understand that our contributions are critical to the success of the organization.

Respect – We will honor our residents, fellow team members and the community in our words, actions and service.

Community – We will create a sense of belonging for all, welcoming and celebrating each other’s unique qualities, cultures and contributions.

Integrity – We will do what we say we will do. We will operate with ethical and moral uprightness and will remain committed to transparency.

Teamwork – We understand that we can accomplish so much more as a team than we can as individuals. We are committed to working together to achieve our goals.

Professionalism – We will exude a professional demeanor in all our interactions with residents, our team and the community. We will carry ourselves in a manner worthy of our calling.

Service – We exist to serve others. We will provide the highest level of service to all with whom we engage.

About THA

THA is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners which establishes policies, approves budgets and provides general direction to the THA president& chief executive officer and executive staff. The Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa is the second largest Public Housing Authority in Oklahoma.

THA provides publicly assisted housing comprised of traditional public housing, mixed-finance sites and housing vouchers. Currently, THA provides assistance to more than 20,000 individuals, or 7,200 families.

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