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Landlords that accept Section 8 voucher participants are a vital solution to Tulsa’s affordable housing crisis. Participating landlords experience several benefits, including:

  • Consistent rent payments from THA
  • Direct deposit payments
  • Biennial inspections of participating units
  • Long-term, stable tenants

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When a family has been determined eligible for assistance, they will receive a voucher. They then begin their search for a suitable unit. The process to rent to a Section 8 voucher program participant is outlined below:

Step 1: A family contacts you with a voucher for rental assistance in hand. Ask to see the voucher and check the expiration date. If the date is current the applicant is eligible for assistance.

Step 2: Owner/landlord screens the family for suitability as a renter. THA only verifies family income and composition. THA knows that the owner has approved a family for tenancy when we receive the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) and the lease. The owner/landlord may submit his own lease to THA, however, HUD requires certain language in any lease signed by a Voucher participant.

The following items HUD requires in a lease:

  • The lease must comply with state and local laws
  • The Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract begins on the first day of the term of the lease and ends on the last day of the term of the lease
  • The initial term of the lease must be for at least one year
  • The lease must specify what utilities and appliances are to be supplied by the family

Step 3: After the owner/landlord approves the family, the family and landlord fill out the RFTA; the family should have this form in hand; it must be completed and signed by both the landlord and participant. The RFTA and lease are to be returned to THA for approval. We will review the signed RFTA and verify the rent is reasonable based on the market.

The family portion of rent plus any applicable utility allowance equals the Total Tenant Payment (TTP). The family cannot rent a unit if their TTP exceeds 40% of their monthly adjusted income if the rent is above the payment standard. If the unit is not determined affordable or the unit does not meet the rent reasonableness requirements, you and the family will be notified in writing.

Step 4: Once the unit is determined affordable and the rent is determined reasonable, the owner/landlord will receive a telephone call notifying them of the inspection date and time.

Monthly HAP checks are paid twice a month. Checks are mailed within the first five (5) calendar days of the month. HAP payments will continue as long as the family continues to meet eligibility requirements and the unit continues to meet HQS requirements. The family is responsible to pay the difference between THA’s payment amount and the total contract rent. The family portion is paid directly to the owner. The owner may not charge the family in excess of the family’s portion of rent.

When a property is sold and there is a voucher (Section 8) participant residing in the unit, the owner listed on the contract must be changed in our computer system. Landlords should contact Kathy Holt at (918) 581-5951 or by email at to complete the required paperwork.  

  • Housing Quality Standards (HQS) are established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in an effort to improve the quality of assisted housing nationally. Prior to a unit being accepted for the Housing Choice Voucher program subsidy, it must pass an inspection which consists of HQS and City of Tulsa codes.
  • Contact THA’s Inspection Manager: Inspection Manager (918) 581-5791
  • Section 8 Pre-Inspection Checklist
  • Initial payment to landlord made within 45 days of rent approval
  • To request a rent increase, please email
  • Section 8 renters are responsible for damages (beyond normal wear and tear) that are caused by any family member or guest
  • Monthly subsidy payments made on or near the first of each month
  • THA conducts criminal background checks on all applicants and participants; applicants who have a recent record or history of violent criminal activity or drug/alcohol abuse will not qualify for assistance
  • If known, THA provides the landlord with the prospective tenant’s current and previous addresses and landlords’ names
  • “Take-One-Take-All” rule has been eliminated; landlords are no longer required to consider all Section 8 tenants for tenancy simply because they have a Section 8 tenant currently under lease
  • THA no longer sets a limit on the amount of a security deposit that the tenant is expected to pay
  • The landlord uses their own lease
  • The landlord can opt to let the lease expire and terminate tenancy without cause

Tulsa Housing Authority utilizes a Landlord Portal to communicate with Section 8 program landlords and to process paperwork. The Landlord Portal can be found at

To login:

  • Select Landlord Login
  • Input your login credentials

If you are new to the Landlord Portal, please contact Kathy Holt, Landlord Relations Specialist, at for your registration code.