Housing Type Comparison Chart

THA and Other Properties Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

How to Apply

Applicants select the properties they prefer and apply online
Applicants apply online

Wait Time

6 months to 4 years
6 months to 3 years

Selection Process

Applicants are selected from waiting list, screened for eligibility and suitability and offered available units
Applicants are selected from the waiting list and screened for eligibility

How Rent is Paid

Once tenant is approved and moves into the unit, they pay their rent portion to the property office based on the lease agreement
Tenant will pay their portion of rent to the owner/landlord; Tulsa Housing Authority will pay the Housing Assistance Payment (subsidy amount) to the owner/landlord on the tenant's behalf

Additional Information

Subsidy is unit-based (remains tied to unit)
Subsidy is tenant-based (remains tied to tenant) and can be utilized wherever the voucher is accepted; can be ported to another city or state