Elderly / Disabled Service Coordinators are responsible for assuring that elderly and disabled residents are linked to support services to enhance their quality of life, maintain independence and to avoid premature or unnecessary institutionalization.  The Service Coordinators plan, coordinate programming and deliver social services to THA’s elderly and disabled residents by meeting with them individually and in groups. In addition, they act as a liaison between the elderly and disabled residents living within the high rise communities and local social service agencies for additional supportive services. The Service Coordinators also act as a liaison by working with THA Property Managers to help prevent evictions due to lease violations so that residents can maintain their housing.

Examples of High Rise Programs and Services include:

  • Basic Needs Assistance
  • Lease Education & Eviction prevention
  • Food Bank
  • On Site Libraries & Bookmobile Services
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Educational Programming
  • Healthy Living /Leisure Activities /Physical Fitness
  • Home Management
  • Memory Games and Trivia
  • On Site Mental Health Specialist
  • Support Groups
  • Social Service referrals

In addition to these programs and services, the Service Coordinators also provide support for the Resident Associations and resident initiatives. The Resident Associations are made up of officers who are residents from each community site. These Resident Association give residents a united voice for community planning.  A few examples of what a Resident Association can provide in their community include: health & safety fairs, holiday parties and activities for residents who live in their community.