Congratulations to our November 2018 Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program graduates! Through grant funding received from the Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency (ROSS) and Family ROSS Service Coordinators programs,  Tulsa Housing Authority (THA) staffs additional service coordinators that offer case management  services based on public housing residents’ selected goals. These coordinators complete a household profile on all participants in the program and goals are set according to each individual resident’s needs. Coordinators provide assistance with goals such as work and scholastic education, job placement, individualized counseling, homeownership education and opportunities for a pathway out of public housing. Our three November 2018 graduates exceled in the program, reaching and even surpassing their goals.

Meet our November 2018 FSS program graduates:

Shaun Glover entered the FSS program in February 2013 with the goal of one day owning her own home and possibly starting her own business. While on the program Shaun completed her schooling with Wings Health Care Training and received a certificate to become a certified medication aide. Shaun knew she needed to address her credit situation so she attended a credit/budgeting class offered by Housing Partners of Tulsa. “Before entering the program my credit score was not that important to me, but after attending the classes I was able to repair some of the issues and soon will be able to own my own home.” She continued, “At first I was just a woman existing. I had no goals, no dreams and I definitely didn’t know anything about credit. But through the FSS program I set goals for myself and I accomplished them.”



Tia Tate enrolled in the FSS program in March 2012. Tia joined FSS with the goal of being able to adequately provide for her children and to become a homeowner. Tia was unemployed, a single mother of four and receiving assistance from the Department of Human Services. Tia enrolled in nursing school, and with hard work, determination and dedication, graduated and is now a licensed practical nurse. “The FSS program, through its classes and seminars, gave me tools I needed to become and remain self-sufficient,” said Tia. She plans to become a first time homebuyer within the next year and would recommend the FSS program to anyone looking to better their lives and the lives of their children.




Courtney Austin has been a part of the FSS program since December 2011. Courtney joined the program because she was interested in becoming a homeowner and felt the program could help her reach that goal. Courtney stated, “I didn’t want to get too comfortable on housing assistance and be stuck needing help all my life so the program was motivation for me. The classes, along with being able to set my own goals, and behind held accountable made me better prepared for the real world.” She plans to take the steps to buying her own home and to open a business.