TULSA, OK – Just as schools are letting out for spring break, a new kind of learning experience will blast onto the scenes of nine of Tulsa Housing Authority’s housing communities. Thanks to a partnership between The Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa (THA) and Discovery Lab, over 14,000 Tulsans will experience hands-on, science-based exhibits, just steps from their front door. Discovery Lab’s Nano exhibition will open at THA’s Parkview Terrace, 1615 W. 59th St., 1:00 p.m. Thursday, March 15—beginning the exhibit’s 18-month tour.

For Aaron Darden, CEO/President of Tulsa Housing Authority, the partnership is a win-win situation, and he hopes that exposing THA’s families to a science-focused project like the Discovery Lab’s Nano Exhibit will present an excellent opportunity to empower the lives of his residents.

“We are constantly looking for ways to empower our residents with valuable community resources. We are excited to offer this education-focused experience that will bring families together, improve success in the classroom, and inspire and advance our future workforce,” remarked Darden.

The Nano exhibition will spend six to eight weeks at each THA housing community. The interactive exhibit explores critical concepts related to nano (the science of the small) and nanotechnology and makes connections for children and families to nano concepts in the world around them. The Nano exhibit was gifted to Discovery Lab as part of a grant from the National Informal STEM Education Network.

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