THA’s property management serivces, under the auspices of Property One Management Group, LLC, offers property management, property development, property accounting services and financial development to private owners, investors and syndicators. This service is built on the foundation of success in training, services and experience. Excellent qualifications in management of market rate, tax credit and Section 8 properties, result from the specialized training and practical applications offered. As well, your assets will be managed by experienced account executives, accountants, tax credit and HUD compliance officers, a human resources team an employee training department and exceptional customer service. This carefully built combination ensures the goals and objectives of property management. As well, the outstanding level of service provided to residents at all times, will leave a lasting impression.

With Property One Management Group, LLC, in cooperation with the Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa, you can expect:

  • Integrity.  Operations with the highest ethical standards in all activities.
  • Fiduciary Responsibility.  Reorganization and acceptance of the responsibilities entrusted to us by our clients.
  • Respect. A ‘Golden Rule’ atmosphere of respect and trust is earned by treating each individual as we wish to be treated.
  • Leadership.  Commitment to be industry leaders through the development of our agency’s leadership.
  • Excellence.  Achieved through the consistent commitment in attaining paramount levels of service.
  • Profitability.  Produce profit levels fairly, compensating stockholder risks and employee efforts.
  • Recognition.  Rewards for exceptional achievements.
  • Participative Management.  Participation is strongly encouraged in every decision making process.
  • Growth.  Opportunities provided for everyone to grow in knowledge base.
  • Growth Management.  Prepared and capable at all times to capture new opportunities.