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What is HOPE VI, and how does it benefit Osage Hills and the City of Tulsa?

HOPE VI is a Public Housing Revitalization Program initiated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a result of major federal housing legislation that was passed in 1992.

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Demolish dilapidated public housing properties and to replace them with mixed income;
  • Housing developments that contain rental units and homeownership units;
  • Replace failed public housing projects that are isolated from their surrounding neighborhoods with new communities that are integrated into the surrounding streetscape and contain housing that reflects the market surrounding the development; and
  • Require the public housing tenants who remain to participate in a supportive services program that emphasizes self sufficiency in an effort to move families from TANF to work.

In late 1998, the Housing Authority of the City of Tulsa (THA) received a HOPE VI award totaling $28,640,000.

What did THA do with the funding?

THA demolished the old 388 unit Osage Hills public housing project and replaced it with a series of mixed income housing developments containing both rental and homeownership units.  The development, named Country Club Gardens, is situated on the old Osage Hills public housing site and in the Nogales neighborhood.

Why was it necessary to obtain allocations of Low Income Housing Tax Credits for the development from the State of Oklahoma and what other sources of funding were proposed for the redevelopment effort? 

The HOPE VI funding provided by HUD was insufficient to complete the developments that were contemplated when THA received the award for Osage Hills. A significant component of HUD's evaluation of THA's plan for the site was its ability to leverage non-HOPE VI funding sources. Throughout the country, the major subsidy source for development of affordable rental housing is through the syndication of low-income housing tax credits that are allocated by each state's allocating agency. THA worked with a nationally recognized HOPE VI developer to ensure that the project was successful and to ensure that the value of the proceeds derived from the syndication of the tax credits was maximized.

What is the revitalization plan?

Project 1--Osage Center.  Currently located on-site, this 128 unit rental property included the development of a 52 unit senior citizen mid-rise, 28 senior cottages, 48 units in duplexes, triplexes and a four-plex. Additionally, a 20,000 square foot community center was built to provide space for management offices, child care, supportive services and after-school recreation programs.

Project 2--Osage Duplexes.  Located at the southern most portion of the existing site and backing up to the Tisdale Expressway, this 49 unit rental project consists of 23 duplexes and one triplex. A scenic park / recreational area between Osage and Country Club Drives was also constructed as part of this project.

Project 3--Country Club North.  Located primarily west and north of the new community building, Project 3 consists of 76 rental units. Duplexes are located along the golf course with higher density four-plexes and six-plexes located just south of Newton Street along the northern boundary of the old Osage Hills site. This project also included a large park and recreational area.

Project 4--Osage North.  Located directly north of the community center, this project consists of 72 rental units in duplexes, triplexes and six-plexes, and completed the revitilization of the old site. This development is adjacent to and shares the park / recreational area developed under Project 3.

Project 5--Nogales Neighborhood.  This part of the project included the acquisition of sufficient property to allow for construction of 28 affordable rental units as infill development within the Nogales neighborhood.  Building types include duplexes and six-plexes.

Project 6--Northgage Redevelopment.  THA acquired 64 single family properties with the intention of renovating 44 and demolishing 20. The 44 homes to be renovated meet the USPC Standards for Public Housing. The remaining 20 houses have been determined to have capital maintenance needs which exceed the economic feasibility for renovation within the areas. THA has determined that the removal of the 20 houses provides opportunities for future consideration of single family home ownership for those properties vacated due to demolition.

Project 7--Market Rate Homeownership.  To complement the redevelopment, THA acquire approximately 5 acres of land adjacent to the most southern part of the Osage site, and along the golf course for the construction of 21 market rate home ownership units. THA will market this property to a developer for the construction and sale of market rate homes of 2,000 square feet.

What does Country Club Gardens offer? 

Senior Living.  The 80 one bedroom apartments are comprised of 28 one level cottages and 52 apartments with a social room in the three-story mid-rise. They are designed specifically for seniors aged 62 and older. This distinctive, affordable apartment community offers amenities such as wall-to-wall carpeting, central air, washer and dryer connections, gas heat, cable ready hook up, modern appliances--electric range, frost-free refrigerator--plenty of kitchen counter space and cabinets, garbage disposal and tile flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. There is ample parking and open green spaces for leisurely walks with family and friends.

Spacious One, Two and Three Bedroom Apartments.  These apartments have cable-ready hook ups, wall-to-wall carpeting, modern appliances--electric range and frost-free refrigerator--individually controlled heat and air, plenty of kitchen counter space, garbage disposals, attractive tile, private entrances, accessible apartments, ample closet space, high efficiency gas heater, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, multiple telephone jacks, miniblinds on all windows, and are unique with a variety of exterior finishes. The spacious grounds have conveniently located mailboxes and are professionally managed by Interstate Realty Management Company (IRM). These homes have been built with the latest techniques in energy efficiency and offer worry-free living with 24-hour emergency maintenance and a coordinator to assist residents.

Exercise and Recreational Room.  Services provided as part of the Community Center include medical/wellness offices, multi-purpose room for social events, kitchen/service area, exercise/recreational facilities, a state of the art neighborhood computer training center, Interstate Realty Management rental office and a maintenance garage that services the apartment community.

Three Star Child Care Center.  The day care currently accepts infants through kindergarten age children. This is a beautiful new facility with indoor and outdoor play areas, kitchen, pantry and a caring staff.

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